Does History Repeat Itself?

Does history repeat itself, a great question and not really one that I have thought much about myself until recently. Have you ever thought about whether history repeats itself? Most likely not but don’t worry about it, I am sure many others haven’t thought about it either!

Now we have your attention on the topic, we are going to enlighten you with some very interesting facts, that may just alter the way you perceive things in life and current situations or circumstances that we may find ourselves in. Not just in the present moment but also in the very near future.

The answer to the question is yes, history does repeat itself! Is it a coincidence? I will let you decide that for yourselves.

Does History Repeat Itself?

Some examples of history repeating itself are when Napoleon and Hitler invaded Russia, the Great Depression and the Great Recession are just a couple of examples but I am sure there are plenty more.

So, if history repeats itself, does that mean that we can predict the future and achieve better outcomes? I believe so, what do you think?

The last 2 years has been difficult for many but what if this was just the start of something? With Russia currently trying to invade Ukraine, the government is printing more money and giving it to the public and businesses. Inflation everywhere we turn.

Did you know that the USA currently holds the currency reserve. Could China become the new currency reserve holder? After all China has come a long way within regards to wealth and having their citizens in order. Maybe the world would be a better place under authoritarianism? Or maybe not!?

Here’s some videos for you to check out. It might help you decide whether history repeats itself or not and how. Or like I said …maybe it’s all just a coincidence? Or maybe it’s just a big game that we blindly play each day, not knowing that the game is rigged and you’ve got to lose?

Could covid passports, the lockdowns, the guaranteed decent income be the introduction?

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Does History Repeat Itself?
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Could you live under Surveillance? Could you have nothing and be happy?

Some say, if you haven’t got anything to hide then why are you bothered? My question is, what if the data gets in the wrong hands or even so, what if the information or data is then used against you?

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