Futurists & Transhumanism

Futurists and Transhumanism is something that when you hear it, may sound like something out of a science fiction book or movie but just like some of the other topics in our blog, you’ll find that they were actually science fiction but with the advancement of technology it is now questionable if it about to become a reality for many.

If you haven’t heard of futurists and Transhumanism, below is a short clip from the BBCs I’m Transhuman to introduce you and you will find out more throughout the blog post.

Futurists and Transhumanism – BBC – I’m Transhuman

Futurists and Transhumanism?

Ok. So we have all watched those futuristic programs and I am sure that you probably assumed it was just for entertainment but was it?

I was aware of Trans, as in Transgender, Transsexual and Transspecies but before writing this blog after coming across it…I had never heard of Transhumans!

When I learnt about the others, I thought each to their own. As long as they are happy and not hurting anyone, why is it anyone else’s Business?

But when I saw Transhumans…that was different, not going to lie I actually had very mixed emotions about it all.

It seemed interesting and exciting but also dangerous and concerning.

Udemy UK

If you’re not familiar with Transhumanism. It’s basically where a human takes small steps to transform themselves or add technology advancements to their own bodies.

The main aim is to better themselves or their own lives! Sounds crazy right!?

But there are actually people out there that have already taken steps toward transhumanism or have already had their first transplants.

So far there are not many life changing transplants, we have simple chips and lights that can be embedded under the skin.

The chips help you to unlock doors and log into accounts, store data about medical and health issues but that’s about it for now but no doubt it won’t be long until we could pay for items and much more!

At the moment there are no regulations on providing transplants so let’s take a look at a popular place in the UK where many people visit for transplants.

Here’s a short video on a woman that offers implantation services in Leicester.

Yes…it is more closer to home than we expected!

BBC News Scotland – Transhumanism – How Far Would You Go To Upgrade Your Body?

I searched the net to see if I could find others talking about this and to my surprise there were so many!

You probably have already heard of Neuralink by Elon Musk, if not here’s a video to check out to get you up to date.

WiredThe Science Behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink

We decided to include some more videos in this blog post. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments.

National Geographic – What Is Transhumanism

I was quite shocked to see that even National Geographic were talking about Futurists and Transhumanism!


TED X which I am assuming is a part of the TED TALKS, have also done a video on Transhumans…

TEDx – The Coming Transhuman Era

After researching Futurists and Transhumanism, we went out and asked some of the public if they had heard of Futurists and Transhumanism.

Guess what we found?

Most people had never even heard of it and some believed that it wasn’t true!

While doing our research we came across a documentary by VPRO Documentary which was posted to YouTube over 4 years ago!

In the video Yuval Harari a Historian and Kevin Kelly a Futurists talk in dept about their views of the future.


Still find it hard to believe?

So did we, that when we looked around for articles about Futurists and Transhumanism.

Again….shock horror!

Britannica have some information on Transhumanism here

It doesn’t stop there…

Even Forbes has been talking about this!

You can check it out here

Forbes go into detail on Transhumanism, the future of humanity and even ways the world will change by 2030.

There’s more…

We also found a lengthy video lasting just over an hour and half from Museum of Science, Boston.

This video was again uploaded to YouTube about 4 years ago, so again this isn’t new news!

You can check out the conversation about Cyborgs, Futurists and Transhumanism below.

Museum of Science, Boston – Cyborgs, Futurists & Transhumanism

It’s actually mind-blowing how much is out there about Futurists and Transhumanism.

Futurists & Transhumanism is it the future?

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