ScUber – Let’s Deep Dive With Uber!

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive? or have you been before? Most people have diving in the deep on their bucket lists but how cool would it actually be to deep dive in the great barrier reef of Australia with Uber?

Not many people know this but Uber not only offer a pick up and drop off taxi service but they also do takeaway deliveries and Scuba diving!

They come to pick you up, you get a helicopter ride and you get to explore the reef in the world’s first ride share submarine. That’s pretty mint if you ask me!

Below is a short video so that you can check it out yourself.

Meet Scuber – The World’s First Ride Share Submarine

The price to some may seem a bit costly but if you think about what you actually get. I think the price is quite reasonable. What do you think?

Would you dive deep with Uber?

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