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The Space

Are you tired of the judgment? You’re not alone. The Internet is filled with forums, but most of them censor their conversations. We have a better idea! The Space is a place where the ideas of free minds can be shared. We serve as a neutral platform for discussion, so you can hear what others […]

Women In Business

Ad The rise in women in business has been very mind-blowing! We did a deep dive into Women in Business and learnt a bit about some of their journeys. I already knew that a lot of women around the world regularly set up businesses but I was surprised to know the kind of industries that […]

Investing With Shares

We have been watching this app for awhile now! We decided to put our FREE £20 on Tesla. We will keep you updated and will see you on the other side once you have signed up!! Feel free to drop us a comment and let us know how you are getting on or if you […]