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Setting Up A CIC

The benefits of setting up a community interest company and how to set one up in the UK A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a type of legal structure that is designed to be used by organizations that are focused on delivering community or social benefits. These types of companies are becoming increasingly popular as […]

Writing The Best Business Plan

A business plan is a document that outlines the operational and financial objectives of a business and the strategy for achieving them. It is an essential tool for any entrepreneur or startup, as it helps to define the direction and goals of the business, as well as to secure funding from investors or lenders. Here […]

How To Self Publish Your First Book

In the past, book publishing was a costly and time-consuming process that typically required the use of a professional printing press. This made it difficult for writers and authors to self-publish their work. However, advances in technology have made it much easier and more affordable for writers and authors to self-publish their work. Today, there […]