From Struggles to Strength: Transforming Lives and Communities Through Fitness


Bulwell, Nottinghamshire

In a powerful endeavor to uplift his community and provide a beacon of hope for young minds, Dean Smith, a tenacious entrepreneur, is breathing new life into a once-empty space.

The former Bulwell Boots store, which closed its doors in 2022, is now being transformed into a haven of health, positivity, and inspiration – Gym Beasts.

At 35, Dean Smith is not just crafting a gym; he’s crafting a future.

Amidst the weights and fitness machines, a mission pulsates: to steer young souls away from the dangerous path of steroid abuse and to guide them towards the shores of vitality and well-being.

A personal journey of survival fuels his commitment, as Dean himself overcame heart failure at the tender age of 25 due to reckless steroid use.

Empowering the youth with knowledge about nutrition and natural fitness is my way of saving lives

Dean Smith

His story resonates as a cautionary tale turned triumph, an epitome of resilience that he ardently wishes to share.

But Dean’s aspirations transcend the gym floor. With a heart deeply connected to the community he calls home, he envisions Gym Beasts as a sanctuary where restless energy finds purpose.

Pool tables, cozy sofas, and the promise of cinema nights form the backdrop of his vision to channel youthful exuberance away from the streets and towards positive growth.

Antisocial behavior near the town’s bus station becomes an opportunity for transformation, where once-bored kids can find camaraderie and creative outlets.

Our gym is not just four walls and exercise equipment; it’s a bridge between generations.

Dean Smith

As someone who has lived in Bulwell since childhood, his roots run deep, and so does his passion for unity. He envisions a space where young and old, dreams and determination, intersect to redefine what a community truly means.

Dean’s journey from a DFS supervisor to a community champion is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Dean Smith – Owner Of Gym Beasts

This is my chance to inspire change!

The hurdles of doubt and financial barriers are being replaced by a tidal wave of positivity and support from the community.

What was once deemed unattainable due to costs is now an unfolding reality, a testament to the strength of his vision.

In just a few short months, the transformation will be complete. The gym will echo with the sounds of determination, but it won’t stop there.

Upstairs, a boxing ring will bear witness to dreams taking flight. From boxing and kickboxing classes to dance sessions and even classes for the elderly, Dean’s dream is limitless.

The story of Dean Smith and Gym Beasts isn’t just about fitness; it’s about rewriting the narrative of a community.

It’s about a man who turned adversity into opportunity, who envisions a world where every rep, every class, every connection, builds more than muscle – it builds lives.

The countdown begins, and the future of Bulwell looks brighter than ever.

Gym Beasts isn’t just a gym; it’s a powerhouse of change, a catalyst for transformation, and a living testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit.


Updated by Samantha Nicole – Tues, 22nd Aug

As you may already be aware, Gym Beasts’ grand opening has faced a minor setback due to an unexpected turn of events.

In these challenging times, Dean and his team could greatly benefit from your support in turning this dream into a reality.

If you’d like to be a part of this inspiring venture and show your unwavering support, we invite you to visit their GoFundMe page.

Together, we can help Gym Beasts rise above adversity and bring a transformative change to our community.

Updated by Admin – Tues, Sept 12th @ 3.03pm

Despite equipment setbacks, our dedicated supporters came through. Thanks to you, we’ve secured the gear needed for our grand opening.

Stay tuned for our comeback!

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