How Entertainment Companies Make Money


How entertainment companies make money is another complex topic but we will go into some of the basics. There are many ways entertainment companies make money, from advertising to direct customer sales. These types of companies have multiple streams of revenue and work with a lot of different people.

Here’s a short list of ways that we make money as an entertainment company below 👇 this is just some of the ways.

Direct payments from consumers

Indirect payments from advertising

Direct payment examples

– Products and Services

Indirect payment examples

– Affiliate or Sponsor

How We Make Money

We use a wide range of ways that were stated above that other entertainment companies use to make money. We use indirect payments such as affiliate programs and will be looking for sponsors in the near future.
We also make money from direct products and services to consumers.
Here’s One of Our Services from our Online Shop – Luvmore click the image to get a FREE message by entering
Code JR6WEBJ2 at checkout

Advertising for other companies and organizations is another way that we make money. This is my most favourite way because it allows me to bring out my creative side and help other people grow their businesses to their full potential.

We do featured posts and in post ads.

It’s still days early for us but we have already seen an increase in traffic to our website since joining the programs and adding our other products and services that we have so far.
Some people always get stuck on the how, that usually stops some from getting started. We use a few different tools to create our content and run our services.
And some of them are free to use, so there’s no excuses nowadays.
It’s not about the money or the how. It’s about getting started and believing that you can!

As long as you want it the how will come in divine timing! We have named a couple of the apps we use.
We don’t use the free versions, although we did start off using the free versions. For content creating we use Canva.
You’ve probably already heard of Canva before but for those that haven’t, Canva is a great apps and you can do so much with it!
From making simple flyers to templates for T-shirt print design and even Instagram stories

Plus plenty more. You don’t even need to start from scratch!

Canva – Some Examples of the templates in offer

Try Canva for free yourself by clicking the link below and get creative.

You don’t have to run an entertainment company to use Canva, it can be used for personal too such as birthday or wedding invites etc…

Another great app to use for your services if you need to make application forms or store customers data is Jotform.

I first came across jotform when I signed up as a merchant with Clearpay. They used it on their site, so I thought I’d check it out and never turned back ever since!

Not only can you create forms and store customers information but you can also create apps.

Yes! There’s even a free version where you can have a limited amount but when you’re starting out it works great. We’ve recently registered as a bronze member and no doubt we’ll be using a bigger membership packages when our business starts to expand more.

Try jotform out for free by clicking the link below

Another way we make money is through our special events and family fun days but due to the pandemic we haven’t done many for a while!

We are in the process of planning our end of year private club event.

We have published a short story book collection and an article in a self help book which is another great source of income. We decided to self publish using Amazon Kindle Self Publishing. Which was straight forward and basically free!

The short story collection was written about 10 years ago and I was quite lazy back then and had no idea what I really needed to do.

It actually took us 8 years to finally publish my part 1 as an ebook. Then not long after I published part 2 and 3. We haven’t really promoted it much but you can check them out below 👇

Click the image for a closer look.

Why Self Publish – Amazon Kindle – Nendum Spiritus Short Story Collection

Yes, 1 review…

Well that’s what’s showing on Amazon anyway but we do have a couple reviews on our page plus we’ve not really promoted it much due to being busy making films and many other things.

Why Self Publish – Part 1 – My Journey – Heal Yourself by Sarah Dawkins
Why Self Publish – Heal Yourself – Sarah Dawkins click the image to have a closer look at this book

Having an article published in one of the best books I’ve read so far in 2022 (that’s not because my article is in there, just for the record) was an eye opener for me!

Not only did I get to read the journey of ordinary people healing themselves from dis-ease in extraordinary ways but I saw that there were other ways to write and publish a great book.

Sarah Dawkins the author tells her story and how she grew to be the amazing woman that she is today and how she healed herself from past traumas.

It’s really well written and very informative. You can find out more by the blue book image!

It’s very inspirational and will hopefully help many people on their healing journey.

Why self publish?

Have you ever wanted to publish your own book?
Whether it be a children’s book, colouring books, poetry, educational or scifi. There are endless ideas out there.

Like I mentioned previously in the blog…It took me about 8 years from the first time that I decided that I wanted to publish a book. In fact, looking for somewhere to publish them was a nightmare!

I almost even ended up paying a company over £2,000 to get my stories published and they still wouldn’t have been how I’d like them to be.


Grant Cardone

Meet a couple self published Authors that I spoke with recently about their self publishing journey, what they think could be better and how it’s helped them.

Why Self Publish – The Rainbow Ravens of Tonclun Forest & Unlucky the Magpie by Rita Buchanan and Alan Booth – take a closer look by clicking the image above.

The Rainbow Ravens of Tonclun Forest & Unlucky the Magpie

Written By Rita Buchanan

Illustrated By Alan J Booth

Myself and illustrator have been working on Ravens for a year the first series and im currently writing series two and he is working on his book serise and has his own web site etc.

I thought of the concept of ravens in 2014 but taken me a few years to have the courage to write it. Also amazon self publishing is a good option but its hard work promoting the books etc and they are getting lost amongst the thousands already on the amazon self publishing kindle system.


We had a read of book number 1 and we love it so far!

The illustrations are so beautiful and eye catching.

These books are aimed for 5 – 10 year olds children. So far it’s been a great adventure!

As Rita stated, it can be hard to get your book out there because there a lot of books and authors out there in the Amazon world but

I’d say when it’s out there then all you need to do is believe in it, promote it and wait! It’s great passive income if you love to write and are patient enough!

Why Self Publish – Scar: Born Like This – A Novel
by Paige Evans click the image above to have a closer look

Scar: Born Like This – A Novel

By Paige Evans

Barriers were being a first time author was the expenses.. advertising, book cover designs. My advice to new authors is do all your research before publishing your book, get a professional book cover made (which I am in the process of updating for scar) and buy an isbn.


Paige says, I would say the hardest part of self-publishing SCAR: Born Like This was writing the novel.

Honestly self-publishing is great if you cannot find a traditional publisher.. I personally like the freedom of it.. making my own deadlines.. it helps to be organised as a writer too.. non stop purchases of paper and ink!

Paige also takes advantage of the promotional tools available, where you can take advantage of discounted prices for a limited time.

Scar: The Novel has a few good reviews and what I’ve read so far is really good. I was hooked from the beginning and can feel each word that the writer has wrote. Definitely looking forward to reading more!

If you’d like to learn more about Self Publishing with Amazon you can do so here


…Now you know How Entertainment Companies Make Money!

Not only that you have been given some tools and information on how to some extra make money yourself. Hopefully this posts inspires those writers that haven’t published yet to get published.

Nowadays, you don’t need to get an agent. You can be your own agent. It’s about getting round people that know what they are doing or just having the confidence and courage to take those first steps to publishing you first book!

It also takes discipline…

Do you have what it takes? Or do you need someone to make you accountable?

Once it’s written, then it’s written…it’s just a matter of getting it in front of people!

The only way to do that is by promoting your book. In as many places as possible and remember FREEBIES. Get those reviews so that more reader are more likely to look AND Remember to ask!


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