What’s Good Britain

Britain! What’s good?

Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling to find things to do. Whether it’s places to see as a family or things to do with friends.

The truth is there is that much to do and see in Britain that we are usually very spoilt for choice and/or don’t know where to start!

Finding things to do and see in Britain has been fun and exciting. Especially when it comes to places that we haven’t been before.

We love food and having lots of fun, no doubt that you do too. We decided to have a wander around the Britain and have a look at some of the low rated places and top rated places…

…From eating out, crazy golf to sight seeing, theme parks and much more!

We have a look around Britain for some hidden gems and well known attractions to see what we love and what could be improved.


What’s Good Britain!


Fun Station

What’s Good Britain – Fun Station Nottingham

If you enjoy the classic arcade games. This is a great place to visit! With plenty of games to choose from, you will not get bored when you visit Fun Station.

The cashless arcade is very interesting. You just top up your card from a choice of different packages and of you go…you just swipe away!

What’s Good Britain – Fun Station Nottingham

Fun Station is great for all ages and you can collect tokens to exchange for prizes. It’s very affordable and also a great gift idea.

There are 7 other Fun Station venues shattered around the UK. You can check them out here

So far we have only checked out the one in Nottingham but we will be checking out a couple more this year to see how different the difference locations.

Razzle Dazzle

What’s Good Britain – Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle is a fun and relaxing place for creative people. There is a wide range of pottery to paint and decorate, they even cater for parties.

The staff are very friendly and helpful.

When you first go, they explain what to do and how to do it. Sessions usually last around an hour but you can also come back at a later date to finish your masterpiece.

They even offer kits to do at home. Themed pottery selections for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other special occasions.

What’s Good Britain – Razzle Dazzle

We have been to Razzle Dazzle many times and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for anything different to do or if you love to be creative.

Find out more about Razzle Dazzle here

Fat Hippo

What’s Good Britain – Fat Hippo

Fat Hippo has many venues across the UK.

We visited Fat Hippo in Nottingham. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. The venue was very interesting looking and the menu had a great variety. We chose to try their most popular burger on the menu. It was delicious.

What’s Good Britain – Fat Hippo Nottingham

There is seating outside and we couldn’t help but take a photograph of their sign!

If you have tried their burgers then you will get it…We absolutely love the sign.

The children menu was a great little touch to the place and made it a great place to bring the family. It had a fun little menu to choose from and children could draw their burger then colour it in.

What’s Good Britain – Fat Hippo Children’s Menu

We really enjoyed eating at Fat Hippo in Nottingham and like we said there are 7 more restaurants across the UK that you can visit.

See where the closest one to you is here

The Lost City

What’s Good Britain – The Lost City

The Lost City is another great place to go with the family or even friends. We visited the one in Nottingham first to see what all the fuss was about!

When we arrived it was very busy and we waited about 10 minutes but this might of been because we went during the school holidays.

Because it was so busy, it was fun but felt quite rushed and there was also periods of waiting around for the next hole which was quite frustrating.

Our overall experience was good though and we thought it was reasonably priced too.

There is also a bar area if you fancy a bite to eat and drink. We didn’t go to the bar but I am sure will we next time and keep you posted on our experience.

The Lost City has 2 other venues and you can find out more here

Greens Windmill & Science Center

What’s Good Britain – Greens Windmill & Science Center

Built in the 1800s and restored, Greens Windmill & Science Center is one of the few windmills in the UK that still work. At the bottom of a little hill there is a small playground, plenty of grass for a picnic and plenty of benches.

You can visit the Science Center when the weather isn’t too great and even book tours around the mill.

The park at the bottom of Greens Windmill & Science Center

The Greens Windmill & Science Center host a wide range of event and activities throughout the year. You can visit their website HERE.

The greatest thing is that admission into the Mill and Science Center is FREE!

Inside the Science Center at Greens Windmill and Science Center
Inside the Greens Windmill & Science Center

The Greens Windmill & Science Center also has a beautiful garden to explore. Where they grow a wide variety of fruits and foods.

The Garden At Greens Windmill & Science Center

There is even a cute little pond and the new addition to the garden is the reasonably sized stine oven which is regularly used for baking pizzas on.

Pond at Greens Windmill and Science Center
Garden at Greens Windmill & Science Center

So as you can see there is a lot you can do at Greens Windmill and Science Center. It’s a great place to visit, anytime in the year. On a budget or not. Greens Windmill and Science Center is one of favourite places to visit in Britain.

Remember to have a look through their website. It also tell you more about George Green HERE.

Billionz Lounge

Billionz Lounge – A New Experience To Nottingham

Billionz Lounge is a stunning new spot hidden away up on Trinity Walk Nottingham. With beautiful decor and an open rooftop, it is a wonderful place to relax anytime during the day. Whether it be for a small bite to eat after work or a few cocktails with the ladies for your birthday, you won’t be disappointed!

As they state on their website they bring to Nottingham an experience fused with luxury, class and energy. Which we can honestly say, we were very impressed and they did deliver.

What’s Good Britain – Billionz Lounge – Starter and Sides
Billionz Lounge – Cocktails For Two

Because their menu offers a wide range of unique dishes and cocktails, it would make an ideal place for date nights or a place to go before hitting the nightclubs. Although, Billionz Lounge doesn’t close at a weekend until 2 am so you could even stay there until close and listen to some incredible mixes from their DJs.

What’s Good Britain – Billionz Lounge – DJ Saturday Night

Take a look at their website to find out more HERE they have a lot to offer and we definitely recommend visiting Billionz Lounge one weekend. Children can dine before 6pm too.

The Alchemist Nottingham

What’s Good Britain – The Alchemist Nottingham

The Alchemist Nottingham, another great place to visit if you love something new and interesting.

The Alchemist Nottingham – Reception Area

Not only is the building on the outside very eye catching but so is the inside and even the drinks!

It is definitely one of those places that you have to go see yourself. They even have a light up masterpiece on the back wall in the dining area.

The Alchemist Nottingham – Dining Area – Menus and Candles
The Alchemist Nottingham – Light Up Wall Art – Dining Area

The Alchemist offer an unique experience every time, with a wide range of otherworldly cocktails that’s come in large test tubes, smoking and the most unusual colours you will every see.

It is a great place to visit if you are out in Nottingham and want to start you evening off with something different or to relax after a long week at work. It has an extraordinary atmosphere and the music is very enjoyable, no matter what your mood is. You can visit their website HERE

The Alchemist Nottingham – Smoking Cocktail and Syringe Shot
The Alchemist Nottingham – DJ – Bar Lounge Area

There are lots a free or paid and wonderful places to visit in Britain and we will post more here in the near future, so make sure that you check back.

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Not only does Britain have a range of great things to see but Britain also has some amazing people!

We all know someone that has positively contributed to Britain in some way, whether is a kind neighbour, nurse, teacher or sales assistant. Britain is full of amazing people.

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What’s Good Britain – The Documentary

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