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Sometimes it can be hard to find some great free movies to watch online without having to go through a load of hassle first.

Just when you think that you have found the right site or YouTube Channel then after signing up or falling for the click bate you realize that you’re no close to chilling and watching a movie!

You’ve signed up and still can’t seem to find anything to watch, the film isn’t even what they said it was in the description or the video is just an hour and half long of a trailer on a loop.

Well there some great news! We’ve done all the hard work and each month we find, check out and upload free movies for you to watch.

Movies are usually uploaded on the last Sunday of the month. An honest review will be left in this post for each movie, along with the titles.

The reviews are listed in order of the latest to the newest added and are removed when the movie is removed. Enjoy!

Escape 2120

A young man is in search of a job and stumbles across an advert which had a great salary attached so he applies. To his surprise it was a elder couple and this wasn’t just any old normal job either. This movies was a very interesting and surprising watch. When it starts it’s not what you think. It’s inspired by the movie The Magicians Horses. There is lots of twists and turns.

We absolutely loved this one and I am sure you will too.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE this one will be taken down soon

Funny Business Inc.

Break ups, dating and relationships, a wingman dog psychiatrist, stoner talk and cock blocking? All mixed together to make you laugh!

Was definitely not what we expected but the storyline was really good. Entertaining from the very start and worth the watch.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE this one will be taken down soon

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Playing For Keeps

Inspired by a true story, a young white middle-class woman manages to end up a single parent to a handsome little mixed-raced boy whose father is a well-known basketball player.

Things turn pretty sour after the young mother spoke to journalists about her story and label her as a golddigger, Ty Rivers (the father) and his wife decide to file for custody of the boy after having so little influence in the first 4 years of his life. Trying to convenience everyone that it’s in the best interest of the child to live full-time with them due to his race and their solid family.

This one was such a tear-jerker throughout but it doesn’t all end in doom and gloom.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE this one will be taken down soon.


Titled as Lost at sea but actually called Stranded. Imagine setting out on a yacht with 3 other complete strangers for a 2 week cruise thag turns into 119 days of trying to survive at sea.

One man decided to arrange the once-in-a-lifetime experience on a yacht called Rose Norelle which he named after his partner, manages to recruit a new crew after his had let him down.

One of the men had recently got the all-clear after his cancer diagnosis, another man was in a middle of a breakup and the last was an older family man. All 3 had no experience at sea but the owner of the boat had faith that no matter what they’d make it back.

An incredible film. It was great to see people working together as a team to survive.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE this one will be taken down soon.

How To Deal With A Changing World Order

If you like history and learning new things then this is a perfect watch for you. How to deal with a changing world order opens your eyes to the past and current situations, what to expect and what will happen in the near future.

It has been put together exceptionally well. Showing the viewer how history repeats itself and how we can prepare. That’s fact that it is animated makes it more digestible and fun to watch.

It was a very interesting watch and definitely recommend watching. From wars to inflation, all viewers will appreciate this one.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE

End Of The World

An owner of a video store that is obsessed with disaster movies finally gets to put all of his knowledge into saving as many people as he can along with his colleagues when a real disaster kicks off. Even though the owner has a degree in engineering but feels that his calling is to run his video store, no one actually takes him seriously at first.

A funny but cleverly put together film.

Great Quality

Watch it now HERE this one will be taken down soon.

Please check back later.


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