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A great place to be when you need a bit of laughter in your life!

We all love a good laugh.

If having a laugh is what you are here for, then you have come to the right place.

Laughter is a great medicine for many things, if you’re feeling depressed then having a laugh can definitely lift your spirits.

For some reason a lot of people are heading to the net to find ways to feel better.

Sometimes we look for laughter with our friends, family and colleagues.

We just love having a laugh!

Which to be honest is no surprise at all…

Not only does laughing stimulate all of our organs but laughing also is a great stress relief.

There are many sources out there that are saying just how great laughing is. You can check out what Mayo Clinic has to say on the benefits of laughing on their stress management article here

We try to keep the writing short but informative on our site. So, we decided to have search around for some great videos that will give you all the benefits from having a laugh.

We hope you like them!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

There are thousands of Try Not To Laugh videos on YouTube so we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you. To start us off…

Abuju Buju – Barber lip pranks – Funny Vidz

So, there you have it…if you didn’t know, not only are barbers creative but they are also hilarious and brave!

Below are some other clips of barbers doing more pranks and even better…letting their creative side run wild.

Super NoicHilarious Barber fails to dateFunny Vidz




Send your clips to us

Next up…

Well, there is funny and then there is Ridiculous!

Mind Warehouse – 50 Most Ridiculous Moments Caught On Camera – Funny Vidz

We even have news channels out there that have us rolling with laughter!!!

Well…kind of…

Awaking With JP – They’re Causing Food Shortages – Funny Vidz

Ok, so that was probably for entertainment purposes but these clips below are from real media sources!

Check it out…

Bloopers Central – Funniest TV News Bloopers – Funny Vidz

So there you have it…News reporters…giving us something to laugh about!

Moving on, we have celebrities…yes, on live TV doing all sorts of unexpected things that will make you laugh so hard!

Hooked – Funny Moments of Celebrities on Live TV – Funny Vidz

And you guessed it, there’s more…

… Celebrities and some of the funniest moments on talk shows!

From Nicki Minaj freestyling to Whoopi Goldberg letting one loose while interviewing her guest. Russell Brand shows up way too many times…Our cheeks hurt after watching this video from Comedy Space!

Comedy Space – The Funniest Moments in Talk Shows – Funny Vidz

Ok, I am going to be straight with you…

I have never really been a fan of stand up comedy!



Since I realized how messed up this planet is and that I need to get a sense of humor during the last couple of years I found myself watching a lot of stand up comedy!

Guess what…

I actually ended up with cheek ache!!

I know a lot of people love comedians, so we had to have some of the funniest videos we’ve seen over the past couple of years from some of the most popular and funniest comedians out there…

Warning – Some of these videos aren’t for the sensitive folks.

Let’s start off with some Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr’s Guide to The UK – Funny Vidz

I was absolutely rolling when I saw this!

The truth is a pretty hard pill to swallow sometimes but Jimmy Carr has a great way of turning dark truths into humor.

This is one comedian that always has my jaw drop with some of the jokes what he makes.

We know that not everyone is into dark humor so we have added a couple of videos that will still have you wetting your pants!

Here is some short clips of female comedians. Let us know in the comments who is your most favourite comedian.

The first one is for the ladies…

Netflix Is A Joke – 12 minutes of Jokes Only Girls Understand – Funny Vidz

Ok, maybe there is a little dark humor in this one too…it’s like you can’t get away from it when it comes to comedy!

One of my most favourite female comedians is Tiffany Haddish, not just because she is funny but she is beautiful and real… especially when she first started out!

Laugh Factory – Try Not To Laugh – Tiffany Haddish Funny Vidz

I loved how the intro for this video was about how Tiffany Haddish wanted to be somebody!

Looks like she got what she asked for…

Congratulations and well done Tiffany Haddish

Do you have a favourite female comedian? If so, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Yes I know, I already shared some funny videos of children but how can we leave out the children that are naturally talented when it comes to comedy!?

I do not know why but when I see videos like these…I always start crying, so if you’re anything like me and love to see other win and cry your eyes out like it’s your own child or your best mate or something.

I’d suggest to go grab a box of tissues for this one!

You’re either going to be crying with laughter it crying because of their success and how adorable they are…

Talent Recap – Funniest Comedians On Got Talent That Will Make You LOL – Funny Vidz

Another comedian that is starting to grow on me is Ricky Gervais. The video that caught my attention was this one below.

Fire Films – Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2020 – All of his bits chained – Funny Vidz

When I first saw this, I didn’t know if to laugh or cry for them! Leonardo DiCaprio starts to look very uncomfortable, Tom Hanks literally that shocked that his jaw drops…I’m not sure if they were all acting but Ricky Gervais seemed to hit a few nerves in this video!

What are your thoughts on the jokes Ricky Gervais made at the Golden Globes 2020?

Let us know in the comments.

If you’re a fan of Ricky Gervais, you’ve probably already seen this one but those that haven’t…here is another video from 2019 for you but this one is a bit longer.


FunOnStage – Ricky Gervais – Stand Up Chicago 2019 – Funny Vidz

Please check back later for more funny videos or watch free movies here

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