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Life HacksWhat does Life Hacks Mean

Life Hacks

Everyday someone, somewhere is searching online for life hacks. Always looking for a way to make our lives easier. Finding ways to save time.

We searched the net to see which life hacks actually works. We even took a look to see if we could find hacks that would save us some money on day to day items or services, so that we can invest the money that we saved on some valuable assets.

Google does it again!

They never seem to let us down when it comes to finding answers. We found a wide range of life hacks floating around and thought we try a load out to see it they actually work.

Life Hacks

Life hacks. Have you tried any before? Did they work for you? Are you here to find some?

Well you have come to the right place!

We have listed a few hacks that we have tried below. We tell you what we think about the life hacks and whether it is worth a try.

Pasta Lighter

We’re sure you’ve been there but if you haven’t then we’re sure you will come across a time when you need to light something but you don’t want to get too close and burn yourself.

Instead of burning your fingers, light a piece of uncooked spaghetti. It’ll reach into those deep candles and burn long enough to light a little campfire. A cheap and effective way.

We’ve not tried this one yet but when we do. We will let you know. If you have tried this before, let us know in the comments and tell us what you think about this life hack.

Remove Highlighter Stains

Life Hacks – Remove Highlighter Stains

Highlighter marks in a book! If you are a book lover then you’ve probably been there. You’re finally done with the book and it time to depart from your beloved book but you don’t want to give it away with highlighter or you just don’t need that part highlighted anymore.

Did you know that lemon juice fades highlighter enough to make it virtually undetectable.

Get some juice on a cotton bud. Cut a lemon in half or squirt some bottled lemon juice on. We found that both worked very well.

Watch the colour fade as you rub the cotton bud over the highlighted text. Run the swab over the highlighted text and watch the color fade.

We noticed that highlighter marks that were older take more effort to come off but was quite surprised by the results.


Pool Noodle

Pool Noodles – Life Hacks


Not only can Pool Noddles keep the children entertained for hours but they are very affordable and can be used for many other things.

We have listed a few in this post and shared with you some if the life hack videos that we found useful but we have only used Pool Noodles in the past for swimming.

We didn’t even realize the amount of ways that Pool Noodles could be used.

We will definitely give the ones on this list a go though!

If you have ever used any of these life hacks, let us know in the comments.

Fill The Bucket

If you need to fill up a bucket that won’t fit under your sink’s faucet, I bet you’ve already guessed it.

Pool Noodle!

Place the bucket on the floor, then put the pool noodle over the faucet and the water should run down into the bucket.

Specific Love Creations – Pool Noodle Life Hacks

Here’s another…

In this short video you will find life hacks that will help keep things organized in the pantry, how to keep moisture long for your plants and much more.

5-Minute Decor – Pool Noodles Life Hacks

Renew Your Furniture in Minutes


If you have children then I’m sure you’ve had the dreaded nightmare of trying to remove these things from almost everywhere!

It almost seems that no matter how hard you try not to let them get their little hands if the things…they always seem to manage to get some!

We found that getting a bowl of really soapy water, washing up liquid seems to do the job with a bit of patience…with a cloth or sponge dab the soapy solution over the sticker and then let it soak in for about 5-10mins. Then peeled off all the stickers using a putty knife or a scraper.

You can also try a combination with an hair dryer, to soften the adhesive.

Some are harder to remove than others, that’s where patience comes in to play.

Get Wrinkles Out of Your Laundry with Zero Effort

A great way to save time on ironing or handheld steamers when trying to get wrinkles out of shirts and other laundry is by throwing a few ice cubes or wet washclothes in the dryer with your wrinkled clithes.

As the ice melts and the water turns to steam, it will remove the wrinkles.

This hack doesn’t seem to work very well with heavier clothing but is a miracle for lighter fabrics.

Set the dryer to 10 minutes and jobs done!

Another great way to get wrinkles out of clothes with zero effort is to hang then up in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower.


They just drop straight out!

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

You probably already know that in order to build a fire properly, you need to have…

Tinder (easy-lighting material),

kindling (finger-size sticks – SPAGHETTI)

Fuel (logs).

We all have a readily available supply of tinder: dryer lint!

To make fire starters, stuff dryer lint in empty toilet paper tubes.

These things light very quickly and burn long enough to light up the kindling.

No need for lighter fluid!

We found so many hacks for phones and computers…way too many to list so we decided to share another short video that we came across instead of boring you with all the writing.

5-Minute Repair – Phone & Computer Life Hacks

Another great life hack we found was using Zip-Tie as a Phone Stand. We found we use our phones a lot when working on projects and when we are looking for inspiration.

The only problem with this method is that our phones don’t prop themselves up, making it difficult to see at the images while working.

You can make a smartphone stand out of just about anything these days, but it doesn’t get much simpler than looping zip ties around your phone (1 on each side).

All you have to do is tighten the zip ties until they are snug to the phone with the zip-tie heads facing down and near the edge of your phone.

Now you can watch video instructions or look at project drawings without having to hold it in your hands the whole time.

Next time you are charging your phone in the car you can even use zip ties to secure your phone in to place that way too!

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