The future of food

The future of food, I don’t even know where to get started. Another complex topic but again just like everything else the way we produce food and even how we consume food is changing!

From producing food in vertical gardens and 3d printed food. Which to be quite honest with you, I love food but I am not sure if I could adapt to lab grown or 3d printed food. Could you?

It is pretty cool that they have found a more sustainable and effective way to produce food.

Below are some videos to check out so that you can see what the future of food holds!

Fake Meat – Is it the future of food?
Would you eat meat created in a lab?
Is 3d printed food the future?

Next are vertical gardens! My most favourite so far on the list.

Here is a shot of our little indoor vertical garden!

It is a lot bigger now.

Our indoor Vertical Garden

Below are some videos on vertical farming

The Future Farming – Vertical Farming
Vertical Gardening – How to grow more in your garden

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