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Indoor Plants Health Benefits

The Surprising Health and Wellness Benefits of Indoor Plants! Indoor plants have long been known for their aesthetic appeal, but did you know that they also have numerous health and wellness benefits? From improving air quality to reducing stress, having plants in your home or office can greatly improve your overall well-being. One of the […]

Microgreens & Gourmet Mushrooms

MICROGREENS & MUSHROOMS GOURMET A lot of people have been shouting about microgreens and mushrooms over the last couple of years. At first we didn’t even think anything of it but after a while the curiosity grew. We had heard about vertical farming and the current rise of vertical farms popping up around the world […]

The future of food

The future of food, I don’t even know where to get started. Another complex topic but again just like everything else the way we produce food and even how we consume food is changing! From producing food in vertical gardens and 3d printed food. Which to be quite honest with you, I love food but […]