Women! What do you think about being replaced with robots?

Women! What do you think about being replaced with robots? No, it’s a serious question.

What if one day, you wake up and your partner has gone. He has left you a note saying that he still loves you but he needs some space. So you pay him a little visit, reaching his door you hearing moaning noises coming from inside. You take a peek through the window and to your surprise, there he is, making love to another woman. You burst in to find out it’s a robot, you’re amazed how real she looks. She even feels real too.

Or you are still single after being on the ‘market’ for many years (which may I add is a term that I cannot stand). You’ve not had any luck at all, it’s nothing to do with you and what you have to offer. You’re stunning, intelligent and tick most of the boxes when it comes to what men want in a woman.

Imagine if there is a moment in time that men no longer look for their ideal woman. Instead the reach for A.I (artificial intelligence).

This is no joke. It’s happening and it has been for awhile. During the 2022 pandemic there was a rise in purchases of robot sex dolls.

Below are some links that I found where you can buy these things and it’s not the only site out there either!




I’m not worried though, well I wasn’t until I found this 👇


Are you actually kidding me! Out of all the names…they had to choose Samantha!

Below is a trailer about a man that falls in love with A.I and you guess what her name is!?

Her – Man Falls In Love With A.I

I haven’t watched Her. YET. but I am sure I will. If you have watched it, let us know what you thought about it in the comments.

I want you to watch this video below and let us know what you think as a woman and as a man. I am curious how many men would buy one of these and whether your wife or missus would allowed like the lady in this video. Where Holly and Phil interview a man who has one of these robots!

Holly & Phil meet Samantha The Sex Robot

So what do you think? Is that us women doomed or humanity doomed at that?

There’s a couple more videos for you to check out below. Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Will Sex Robots Replace Humans?
How The Metaverse & Sex Robots Will Save Men From Online Dating
ABC NEWS – You can soon buy a sex robot equipped with A.I
The Ethic of Sex Robots – The Full Debate
A.I Doll Demonstration

To be honest, I was not impressed when I first came across this and I thought that it would just pass over as a trend but looking at how detached humanity is from each other. Sadly, I can actually see this as a way of life sometime in the near future.

What do you think?

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  1. Ted says:

    I read this post, when you first wrote it and to be honest I didn’t think much of your site BUT I have paid a visit back and I can honestly say it’s impressive what you have done. I hope that you keep up the great work 💯

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