Fashion Technology

The Fashion Industry is also changing when it comes to Technology! To be quite honest I didn’t even realize how much fashion is changing or how they integrate Fashion with Technology.

Fashion Technology might be used for retailers and it’s customers, manufacturers and designers.

Fashion Technology has helped brands to show off their brand to a much wider audience. Not only does it benefit brands, it helps customers access what they need more easier and with more options.

Below you will find a mind-blowing video from Cute Circuit talking about some of their wearable tech and how they hope to shape the fashion industry with technology.

The future of Fashion Technology – Cute Circuit + Innovation & Wearable Technology

Pretty awesome right!? Can you imagine a hug from a close one that isn’t even in the same room?

Live Tweets from your fans that show up on your dress is just crazy!

What will people wear in the future?

If this is what they are making now, can you even imagine what people will wear in the future?

Below is another video to check out…

What will people wear in the future?

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