Survival – Would You Survive If The World Stood Still?

Would you survive if the world stood still?

Do you have any survival techniques?

I’m not sure if this is a question that has ever crossed your mind but I know it has crossed mine a few times. I also know that it has crossed many others too.

Some people would probably say it’s a bit far fetched and some would agree, it’s preparation….you just don’t know what around the corner!

To be honest, I believe you would never be fully prepared for anything but having some preparation would help massively. After all, there is plenty scenario’s where there could be a time that the world could stand still. I mean come on look what has happened over the last couple of yours with the pandemic!

From climate change, A.I and robotic take overs. Wars and disease. There are many ways. Should we care though? That is the question!

Below are some videos on ways and tips on how to survive, if it every come to a time when something terrible happens. Do you have ideas in place on how you’d produce energy if the energy supply was no longer available? What if there was no food? What about the water supply? What about shelter if there were to be a war?

Harvesting Water Out Of Thin Air

When I saw this video, I was very impressed with the dew harvesting technique! What way would you get water from the techniques?

D.I.Y Water Turbine

A D.I.Y Portable Water turbine seems very handy to have. The electrics out and we are so used to having a constant energy supply…would you being willing to create your own energy supply using a few resources? Would you be able to power a whole town? I bet you could!

365 Days How I Survival – Cooking & Building

It’s actually mind-blowing to me how some people can survive the way they can in the wild! Below is another video of another person that has master living off grid as some would call it. This time in winter and in another part of the world.

Yes, some might find this hard to believe but there are more people than you think just living out there in the big wide world.

Watching videos like these actually give me a lot of hope for the future. Would you be able to throw a shelter like this together and survive the winter?

Build Modern Contemporary Mud Villa

Not only are people building basic shelter and camping out in the woods but we have even more skilled people out there that actually build swimming pools, unground Manson’s and much more floating around the net! Would you trade your current life to live in a mud villa like this?

Inside The Doomsday Bunker For The Super Rich

That’s right! Those that think it’s all a bit far fetched…even the super rich are planning ahead! Do you think they have gone a little over the top though? Do you think they’d let you in?

Tips That Could Save Your Life If Lost In The Wilderness

Having handy tips and skills will help anyone in a disaster! When was the last time that you learnt something that could protect yourself and those that you love?

Learning some basic skills such as sewing, CPR, first aid and even learning about edible plants in the wild could save your life too.

Below are some plants that the British Army have provided that may help you survive and also a link for one of our favourite foods that will help anyone that is trying to survive any situation when it involves food. Graze! Order them now and save some for that raining day.

5 Edible Wild Plants – BushCraft

Graze. Has helped us so many times. When we have been out and about. They make a great healthy snack and have a variety of punnets to choose from. We have been using graze for many years now. Around 10 years if you want a figure. Check them out below 👇

Graze – Click the image above to take a closer look

It’s alright having the knowledge!

Do you have the gear to survive too?

I have noticed that a lot of people have been heading to Amazon for the survival supplies!

When I say a lot of people…I mean a lot of people!!

From water filters, portable camp fires the list goes on!

It’s safe to say, if it came to it…then we could potentially survive and thrive if the systems collapse! The question is…are you willing to wait for it to collapse?

Do you think it will or is it just more hype?

If not in your life…do think that something could happen in our children’s life’s or even our childrens children’s life?

If so, would you prepare them? If not, why do you think that we are so untouchable?

If you need some tips on how to survive we have added a guide HERE . It’s better to be prepared and I am sure a lot people you would have learnt this over the past 3 years.

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    Some brilliant content, videos and products here. I think I’d definitely be lost going off grid! Keep up the great work.👏

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