Jules Hawkins: A Single Mum’s Journey of Resilience, Empowerment, and Purpose


In the heart of Herefordshire, a remarkable woman named Julie, affectionately known as Jules, has crafted a life defined by resilience, determination, and a deep sense of purpose.

At 47, she wears many hats – a dedicated single mother, a founder of the Single Mums Business Network (SMBN), a businesswoman, and a force for positive change in her community. In this inspiring narrative, we delve into Jules’ journey, her accomplishments, and the profound wisdom she imparts to those facing their own struggles.

A Multifaceted Life: Juggling Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Jules is not just a single mother; she is the sole caregiver and provider for her 11-year-old daughter. Recognizing the challenges faced by single mothers, Jules founded the Single Mums Business Network in 2019.

This Community Interest Company serves as a platform to showcase the hard work of single mothers while shedding light on the barriers they encounter in areas such as work, housing, and finance.

Beyond her voluntary work with SMBN, Jules is a versatile professional, engaging in bookkeeping and litigation.

She is also the mind behind KIH Products, primarily known for the KIH Bed, a pregnancy cushion used globally to enhance comfort for expecting mothers during their second and third trimesters.

Jules’ commitment extends to volunteering as a non-executive director for the Asian Single Parent Network and serving as an advisory panel member for Working Families.

Triumph Over Adversity: The Journey to Graduation

Jules embarked on a challenging journey when she decided to pursue a Law Degree while pregnant. The obstacles she faced, including house repossession, evictions, and emotional trauma, did not deter her.

Graduating became a symbol of her determination and an assurance to herself that she could overcome any hurdle.

This achievement, amidst tears and difficulties, instilled in Jules the belief that she could achieve anything against the odds.

While Jules has since garnered awards in business and had encounters with high-profile individuals, it is her graduation that stands as her greatest accomplishment, surpassing even meetings with the Prime Minister.

A Mother’s Mission: Striving for a Better Future

Jules’ mission is deeply personal and profoundly impactful. It revolves around looking into her daughter’s eyes and saying, ‘I tried my best.’

This daily driving force motivates her to strive for a life where her daughter doesn’t struggle due to her mother giving up when things got tough.

Beyond her personal mission, Jules aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the single-parent community. Her vision is a world where these challenges are eliminated, allowing families to live comfortably and redirecting their energies towards broader societal issues.

The Vision for the Future: Community, Connection, and Christmas Dinners

Looking ahead, Jules envisions herself owning a community center.

In this space, she plans to offer Christmas dinners to combat isolation, loneliness, and poverty – a testament to her commitment to fostering community and connection.

Words of Wisdom: Messages to Her Past Self and Those Struggling

Reflecting on her journey, Jules imparts valuable wisdom. She advises her past self that love is not about ownership but about treating others, animals, and nature with kindness.

Life, she emphasizes, is a sensory experience meant to be embraced and enjoyed. She encourages hard work, truthfulness, and honesty while reminding everyone to be kind, enjoy life, and avoid hurting others.

For those currently facing struggles, Jules emphasizes the importance of focusing on a plan, manifesting goals, and practicing patience. Kindness, she says, is free, and what we often need is to feel safe, loved, heard, and seen. In her own words, “Be your own best friend. Buy yourself flowers, decorate your own soul.”

Mottos to Live By: A Trio of Inspirational Quotes

Jules lives by three powerful mottos:

  1. ‘Only you can stop you.’
  2. ‘Treat as you like to be treated.’
  3. ‘Give me the serenity to change what I can, to accept what I can’t, and to know the difference.’

A Journey of Triumph, Empowerment, and Compassion

Jules Hawkins’ story is not just about overcoming obstacles but about turning challenges into stepping stones for personal and communal growth. Her journey, marked by resilience and purpose, serves as an inspiration for anyone facing adversity. Through her work, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to positive change, Jules exemplifies the transformative power of determination, kindness, and the pursuit of a meaningful life.

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