Meet Fuzzy – Robotic Dog – Hasbro’s Joy for All

Meet Fuzzy our robotic dog from Hasbro Joy for all. We have had him for just over a year now and we were quite impressed from the day that we came across these pets.

The benefits so far having Fuzzy our robotic dog from Hasbro Joy for all.

No mess

No feeding (just batteries)

No walking

Easy to look after


Great companion

No worrying about who will look after him while we are gone

The things that could be improved with the Hasbro’s Joy for all robotic dog.

More sounds

Movements/walk etc

Better life span – maybe make solar panel or something

Unboxing of Fuzzy our robotic dog from Hasbro’s Joy for all

Hasbro not only do dogs but they also have a couple of cats too.

We bought ours from Amazon. Check it out by clicking 👉 here

Robots? What robots!?

Robots? What robots!? I hear you say…

Yes I was the same, when I first heard about the robots out there in the real world. Robots are no longer science fiction that we knew!

From Sophia the first ever robot to have citizenship to Spot the useful robotic dog. This list is bigger than we actually thought!

When I first came across Sophia and mini Sophia which has been made and advertised as an educational toy by Hanson Robotics, I was very surprised in how advanced she actually was.

The first video that I came across – Sophia & Hank

Since then Sophia has become even more smarter.

Phillip & Holly Interview on This Morning with Sophia

Ok. I am not going to lie, I actually thought Sophia was pretty creepy at first but now I am more intrigued to see how smart she could get.

Below is another video that we came across about Spot which we mentioned earlier created by Boston Dynamics.

Spot Launch by Boston Dynamics

So there you go…Robots? What Robots!?

That was just a taster if you didn’t already know but there is plenty more out there and to be honest, I am looking forward to seeing more…

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