How Entertainment has changed with technology


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How entertainment has changed with technology is something that I have definitely noticed.

Growing up, I remember entertainment being quite basic and so was technology. With only 5 channels to watch. Cartoons were only for a couple of hours in the morning before school and a couple hours after school. The last show being the Simpsons, which we would watch as a family before we settled down to finish our day.

We had a atari and sega where we would play games like Alex the kid.

Outside entertainment was Kerbie, bulldog and tag were just some of the games that we played. Before walkie talkies we had cups and a string.

Music was on a cassette tape which advanced to CD then to Blu Ray. We had cyber pets and furbies, then it was left to our imaginations to entertain ourselves in other ways.

I would say how entertainment has changed with technology is quite crazy! What are your thoughts on how entertainment has changed with technology? What are your earliest memories of entertainment and technology?



How entertainment has changed over time is also something that cannot go unnoticed. Today we have cartoons on demand, tablets and smartphones to play games on, virtual reality, AR and mixed reality, Xbox, robotic pets the list goes on. Music and films are much better quality, with advancements such as High Definition, 3d and a wide range to choose from plus much more. Now we are spoilt for choice.

I’d say the way entertainment has changed with technology and how entertainment has changed over time has been fast and such an eye opener on how quickly things can evolve!

Tell us what you think about how entertainment has changed over time? What do you like about how entertainment has changed over time? Also what do you think is the downfall of how entertainment has changed over time?

What do we think about the way entertainment and technology is advancing?

We think the way that entertainment and technology is advancing is very fascinating! You might think this is odd us saying this, being a production company and all but we have never really been that interested in getting our hands on the latest advancements.

It wasn’t until 2020 that we started to pay more attention to how entertainment and technology were advancing and the different kinds of entertainment and technology out there.

After having a bit of a deep dive, we noticed that we could do with giving some of the new technologies and entertainment out there a try.

You’ll see what we tried out in our other blog posts!


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6 thoughts on “How Entertainment has changed with technology

  1. Jamell adams says:

    Entertainments definitely different, all this social media/virtual reality causes a great sense of depression,egoism and can even to suicide. It’s the comparison to everyone’s lifes ppl think they have to inject, being that if your not as popular as someone else, not as relevant or not up on the latest trends, then your status as an individual can be tainted whereas before social media, practical and actual interactions where much more healthy. The old times where just much better.

    • Samantha Nicole says:

      Well done Dave on Finding Eterno on the post about how entertainment has changed with technology! Your reward is on its way!!

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